Founder’s Bio

Alejandro DiazAlejandro is a seasoned manager who has over thirty-five years of experience in a variety of industries working with multi-nationals, marketing firms, non-for-profits, healthcare organizations, startups, including companies such as UPS, Kaiser Permanente, Gannett, and KPMG.

He’s worked closely with RNs, MBAs, project managers, sales teams, dock workers, union employees, social workers, physicians, IT personnel, programmers, independent proprietors, managers, directors, and VPs.  Alejandro’s expertise has saved organizations time and money while also creating an atmosphere of good faith, trust, and high expectations among the staff.

Through his personal and professional experiences, he brings a unique perspective to the workplace.

With tenacity, drive, and optimism, his goal is to take a company to a place of respect, dignity, effectiveness, camaraderie, and of course, success.  Many of his insights may seem like common sense, but it takes time and hard work to transform a dysfunctional culture into one that is open, honest, respectful, and productive.   Alejandro’s objective is to give you the tools to create an honorable and fruitful workplace for all.

Alejandro Diaz was born and raised in working class Chicago to Mexican immigrant parents.  He holds an MFA in Screenwriting from the University of Miami and a BA from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

Alejandro’s Perspective:

I have worked in many places throughout my management career that spans over thirty-five years.  I have experienced the good, the bad, and the very ugly manager.  It seems that most of us have had our ups and downs with bosses.  I have concluded that there are basically two types of managers – the enlightened ones and the unenlightened managers.  An Enlightened Manager is a visionary, a leader; open, flexible, and honest.  He or she is someone who brings humanity to the office every day.  An unenlightened manager is the complete opposite.  This person is shortsighted, often dishonest, and at times even cruel.  Unenlightened managers can create a dysfunctional, disrespectful, and downright mean-spirited work setting.  Which is a better scenario for your people and your organization?

Being a manager is a huge responsibility that should never be taken lightly. They have the power to make your staff love, hate, or be ambivalent about their jobs.  They can make them look forward to coming into the office or they can make them dread it.  They can empower them, or they can undermine them.   They can make them feel part of a team or make them feel isolated.  They can also make them feel unfulfilled, depressed, unappreciated, or downright angry.  Or they can make your staff feel happy, motivated, and loyal.  An enlightened manager will have a positive effect on all her/his employees.

I would like to pose one very important question to you. If one of your employees suddenly passed away, would that person’s family welcome you to the funeral, for being someone who had a positive impact on their loved one’s life?

Or would they want you to stay far way in this moment of grief for having made their loved one miserable Monday through Friday, 9-5?  This is something to really think about every morning as you start your day.  Treat your staff with respect and dignity.  If you do, you will always have a clear conscience and when it’s all said and done, people will remember you fondly.  How will you be remembered?