Enlightened Management Services

Your people are the most important aspect of your organization.  They can determine your future.

D & E Management Solutions will help your team become more engaged, collaborative and innovative.

Our Services

Workshops on the importance of respect, trust, and dignity in the workplace

We will lead an honest safe space, no pointing fingers, discussion on a different way to look at the work environment.  This will empower you and your staff with new ideas on how to partner with each other to propel your organization forward, as one.

Team Building

We will meet with individual teams to go over goals, cohesion levels, understanding of roles, priorities scaling, and trust levels.  After findings, we will suggest actions and exercises which will build a stronger, proactive team bond.

Individual mid-level manager coaching

This service is best for new managers of people.  Please remember, that just because someone is proficient in their individual position doesn’t mean they’re ready to manage teams. Becoming a great manager takes experience, time, and the right attitude. Alejandro’s insights and recommendations will get your new managers on the road to building trust and loyalty with their new team, which will lead to success and fulfillment all the way around. Our training is tailor made for mid-level management – directors, managers, and front-line supervisors who control the everyday office environment, drive much of the culture, and manage the bulk of your people.

What We Offer

  • Interactive and cutting edge workshops on the importance of building trust and respect in the workplace
  • Individual department/team consultation on building trusting relationships
  • New manager training: Creating and maintaining a fruitful relationship with your staff from the get go
  • Manager evaluation and mentoring
  • Staff retention resources
  • Interpersonal skills coaching. Open, honest, positive, effective communication
  • Conflict resolution tools
  • How to conduct effective, cohesive, collaborative meetings
  • Project Management 101 – how to execute a project from start to finish
  • Hiring the right personnel
  • Training new staff
  • Re-training/cross training existing employees
  • Keeping your people motivated
  • Evaluating results
  • Rewarding good and great work
  • Risk Management – address high turnover rate, stress leaves and workers’ comp.
  • Building an environment with Respect Empathy Trust Transparency (RETT)