About Us

Dynamic & Enlightened

D & E Management Solutions provides management, operational and financial consultation services to mission driven entities.

Our primary service is to assist purpose focused organizations in developing a positive, respectful, and successful work environment that is mutually beneficial to management, non-managerial employees, and other stakeholders.  We provide tools and resources to our clients so that they can build a dignified and prosperous work environment.  Our other service is assisting in establishing a productive and efficient administrative operations platform.


The target audience for D & E Management Solutions is mission driven organizations, startups, non-profits, and companies in general that need to improve their work environments and administrative processes. Specifically, we work with mid-level management – who cultivate the everyday culture and efficiencies of a business. We consult, mentor, and train them on building trust and transparency with their direct reports, and colleagues, to build a conducive, prosperous work environment.

We bring a unique perspective to the workplace, where everyone can succeed and more importantly be fulfilled and valued. There has always been a need for this vision but now, more than ever, people are in search of a better way forward. We offer that better way. Our goal is to start a long-lasting impactful movement in the workplace.


The operational consulting business is a multi-billion-dollar industry.  Its main focus has been geared toward getting the most out of a company’s human “capital.”  The customary approach has been a top-down method where non-management personnel is cut out from the equation. 

D & E Management Solutions is inclusive from all levels.  We believe that every single person in an organization has value, and it is only when all staff is completely aligned that a business can meet its full potential.  You can be extremely profitable by creating a fair and respectful work environment.

Operational consultants and coaches are often MBAs that focus solely on the “bottom line” at the expense of improperly incentivized employees, who are then expected to produce more in ineffectual repetitive cycles. Or they are human behavioral researchers by trade with lab induced theories who lack real-world experiences.

Alejandro Diaz

D & E’s proprietor

Alejandro Diaz has been in the trenches, seeing firsthand how malicious management creates a dysfunctional work environment which stifles growth and prosperity at all levels.

Alejandro’s experiences of these all-too-common situations will be shared with our clients. He will not hold back on his assessment of these scenarios and will offer solid recommendations to change this trajectory into a positive, transparent, prosperous environment for all.

What Alejandro brings to the table:

  • Over thirty-five years of management experience
  • Various industries: non-profits, healthcare, startups, organizations such as UPS, Gannett, Kaiser Permanente, and KPMG
  • Successful track record managing staff with respect, empathy, trust, and transparency
  • Wrote book The Enlightened Manager
  • Offers unique perspective on the workplace
  • Candid, but respectful, approach in discussing real life scenarios of management abusing their authority to harm their staff and their organizations
  • Solid solutions for turning around culture

Cesar J. Diaz

Operational and Financial Consultant

Cesar has International Financial and Operational expertise, CFO, DOO, and has worked with some of the most prominent blue-chip companies such as ITW, Deloitte & Touche, Jones Lang LaSalle.  He is an accomplished Financial Executive Leader who possesses deep expertise in Financial Analysis, Operations and Sales Performance Management. He is passionate about building collaborative work environments, aligning people, processes, technology, and best practices that improve financial results and produce high performing organizations.  Cesar has successfully designed and managed the operations and finances for numerous companies of varying sizes, complexity, domestically and internationally. He has held roles including Director of Operations, Executive CFO and VP Controller for several organizations.